Murals and Print

January 7 - February 12, 2012

For its inaugural exhibition, Various Small Fires (VSF) is pleased to present Fiona Connor. In response to VSF’s newly completed gallery space, Connor has built six freestanding white walls mounted on casters, constructed on-site in the gallery. Each wall is treated with a different white surface texture sampled from building exteriors around Venice Beach. Connor’s walls are too tall and too wide to be removed from any exit of the gallery without succumbing to their own destruction.

During normal gallery hours, the walls will take on a sculptural attitude. In the evenings, the walls become prop-like, reconfigured according to the will and demands of invited artists, designers, and curators. These invited guests will stage a variety of events in response to Connor’s architectural environment, including experimental sound performances, screenings, a dinner party, and a book fair. The participants, selected by Connor, are: Scott Barry, Brian Butler, Neil Doshi, Mariah Garnett, Chiara Giovando, Kate Johnston, Tahi Moore, The Newspaper Reading Club, Andy Robert, and Zach Sharrin. Please visit our EVENTS page for a full schedule.

For the duration of the exhibition, there will be a commercial photocopier machine in the gallery as a means for real-time documentation and publishing. The show will become a fluid generator of content that essentially catalogues itself. While the exhibition will be physically and temporally bound to its presentation, its new re-presentation as paper documentation ensures that the show and its collaborative events will persist, beyond the original constraints of VSF and Connor’s white walls.